We offer a wide range of RF, Microwave, Millimeter wave & Optical electronic components, modules & sub systems, covering clients in Defense, Space, Aerospace, Telecommunications, including Mil Qualified and Commercial grade.

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Products Overview


Wave Guide Components
Waveguide components & assemblies : Low, Medium and high power Rigid Straight sections, Flex sections, Transitions, adapters, Tapers, Couplers, Ridged wave guides, Attenuators, Rotary Joints, Terminations, Magic Tee’s , Bends, Twists, Flex Twist, Wave guide Horn Antennas and all other related wave guide components covering from WR650 to WR10 wave-guide sizes.


Coaxial Microwave Active & Passive Components - Modules & Subsystems
Coaxial Microwave passive components such as Couplers, attenuators, dividers, DC block, hybrids, Programmable Attenuators, Variable attenuators, Fixed Attenuators, Terminations, Adapters, low loss super flexible Coaxial cable assemblies, Entire range of RF connectors, Phase matched cable assemblies, Semi-rigid cable assemblies, Super flexible, semi rigid, hand bendable cables, various MSS & MINI series Coaxial, Underwater, Fiber optic Connectors, cable assemblies, Phase shifters etc. both QPL, MIL Qualified & commercial Grade products.


Ferrite Devices - Isolators, Circulators, etc.
Ferrite devices : Coaxial, Drop-in Micro strip and wave-guide Isolators, Circulators, Couplers and Hybrids for Aerospace, Defense and telecommunication applications.


Frequency Products
Frequency products : High stability frequency standards such as Rubidium, Cesium, GPS Frequency Standards, Phase locked Sources, Synthesizers, VCO’s, OCXO’s, TCXO’s, DRO’s, Crystal oscillators and related custom made and standard Frequency products.


Switch Products
Switch products : Coaxial Electromechanical Switches, Wave guide switch products, Pin diode switch products, Rotary encoders, Potentiometers, coils etc.


Amplifiers : High Reliability IF, RF and Microwave Low Noise Amplifier, Power amplifiers, Solid state power amplifiers both for rack-mount, Hub-Mount configurations & related products.


High Power Chip Components
High Power Chip components : High power Thick film Chip and flanged terminations, attenuators, resistors, etc.


Dehydrating Systems
Dehydrating systems : Wave guide and cable dehydrating systems for Airborne, Naval, satellite communication, Military and medical applications.


Coaxial Cable & Wire products
Coaxial cable and wire products : both MIL Grade and Commercial grade RG series, Super flexible, fire retardant, High power, Coaxial RF/Microwave cables, Control cables, Data cables and special Rigid, Flexible and super flexible RF cables to be supplied in Bulk Lengths and as assemblies.


Coaxial & Waveguide Filters
Coaxial and Wave guide Filters : Products include Lumped element, Comb line, Waffle Iron, Helical, Tubular, Inter Digital, Suspended Substrate, Saw Filters, etc.


Metal & Metal Alloys
Metal and Metal alloys in various forms and shapes for Military, industrial, aerospace and related applications. The products covered includes Platinum, Molybdenum, Platinum clad Molybdenum, Tungsten, Thoriated tungsten, Kovar, OFHC copper, Nickel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, various other metal alloys, precious metals and related products in Wire, Rod, rounds, discs and other forms.


Signal Distribution Sytems, Patch Panels
Signal Distribution Systems, Patch Panels and related products.


Optical Instrumentation & Components
Optical Instrumentation and Components : Optical Sources, Tx/Rx Modules, Passive Couplers, Attenuators, Patch cords, Connectors, Adapters, fiber optic test systems & instrumentation and many other related optical passive and active components, modules & subsystems.


Audio Video Components
Audio video connectors, cables, cable assemblies, patch panels and all other related products.


DVB-S2 Modulators & Demodulators
Modulators and Demodulators compliant with DVB-S2 suitable for TV broadcasters, TV channels, TV …VSAT equipments, UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) for Defense and civilian applications.