Who We Are

A.L.S.Associates was formed in May 1999 as the Manufacturers representative firm to Bridge the potential manufacturers and clients together in the field of RF, Microwave and optical electronics to cater to the Defense clients segment. The company's first mandate was to provide long-term Quality products and support for defense projects.

This was a defining period during the company's evolution as we developed a long term business relation ship with unique blend of state of-the-art product manufacturers in the field who can offer technically competent high quality and reliable products, subsystems and engineering support.

A.L.S.Associates now has expanded its product range; and client base to Aerospace, Telecommunications, research establishments, Educational institutions and many others in the field.

In a world where technology and information is progressing at a dizzying pace, A.L.S.Associates makes the complicated look simple by carefully listening to its customers to understand their needs. Using a total solution approach, we create innovative solutions by making dissimilar technologies and applications work together to obtain a specific capability meeting the customer's requirements. If a building block for our solution does not exist, we source it. If an outside expertise is required, we partner for success. These are the true characteristics that define us and distinguish us from others.